Minecraft Server Hosting

Get your Minecraft world today!

We are proud to offer Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition servers! A Pterodactyl panel to help manage your server will be provided at no additional cost. We would love to be the home for your next Minecraft SMP server!

What is a Minecraft SMP Server? SMP stands for “Survival Multi-Player”. It’s a Minecraft world for you to create a community on.

Why would you want a hosted Minecraft server?

In short: to make it easier to play with your friends! For more information, see this blog post.

If you’re a parent whose kids are playing Minecraft with their friends a world hosted with us could be a great place for them to build and play together! If you’re unsure about what Minecraft is check out our Introduction to Minecraft for Parents.

Why would you choose US for Minecraft server hosting?

There are many great options out there for hosting your Minecraft server. These include Minecraft Realms (available directly from Minecraft), Apex hosting, and Shockbyte. So, why would you choose us?

First, we’re a small business. And, by small, I mean one person. Me. When you need support and you reach out you’ll get me and I’ll spend the time with you that you need to get running.

Second, we’re in Sacramento, CA. If you’re on the West Coast our servers will be close to you and offer good latency.

Thirdly, we backup your worlds so that they are recoverable should anything happen and so that you can take the world with you if you decide to host elsewhere.

Also, I love playing Minecraft! My son, my friends, and I play regularly and we’re our own customer. We want this to work well for us and for you!

What do our Minecraft servers cost?

The servers we offer and their pricing are based on the number of players and mods that you would like to have on the server. We offer three tiers of service tied to the amount of RAM on the server:

  • 2 GB RAM – Good for a few players and a few modpacks
  • 3 GB RAM – Good for more players and a few modpacks
  • 4 GB RAM – Good for plenty of friends and most modpacks

The pricing of each of these tiers of service are as follows:

  • 2 GB RAM – $10/month
  • 3 GB RAM – $15/month
  • 4 GB RAM – $20/month

We also provide management of your server for you as an add-on. This includes server setup, allow listing of players (i.e. limiting who is allowed to join the server), installation or modification of 3 mods per month, and 2 other service calls. This management service can be purchased or dropped on a month to month basis as you need it.

  • Server Management – $15/month

Contact Us To Start Your Minecraft Server

Please contact us to get started with your server. Let us know whether you would like a Minecraft Bedrock server (i.e. if you play on a device like a Nintendo Switch or Microsoft XBox) or a Minecraft Java server.